Sunday, July 12, 2009

Five KPIs for the PM

1. Fix the GLCs, Malaysian engine of economic growth esp. MAS, an employer of 20 000 people.
2. Improve the quality of education since education institutional outputs determine the production input.
3. Implement IPCMC and Ombudsman Office to eradicate leakages and minimize wastages.
4. Identify 10 vital issues to fix the trivial many.
5. Set SMART target for the above 4 indicators.

The 100 Days Myth.

“Roosevelt's legendary "First 100 Days" concentrated on the first part of his strategy: immediate relief. In 3 months March to June 1933, FDR sent Congress a record number of bills, all of which passed easily. …..”
“What we have heard after these 100 days, are the announcements made by PM Najib. None of these were sent to Parliament to be debated.”

The 100 days is one of the most nefarious myths culled from American politics. Coincidentally, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah in a speech at a private function mentioned the term, a New Deal. The American president most associated with the term new deal was FDR.
In one sense, PM Najib is making a series of deals with the rakyat. He has offered them a slew of changes with the aim of saving UMNO and the country. We have a possible analogy between our PM Najib and FDR.
Franklin D. Roosevelt took office at a time of national emergency when the instruments of government under Herbert Hoover and his laissez-faire Republican predecessors were wholly inadequate to the challenge. FDR went into action with a slew of reforms and invented new institutions to save the American economy.
PM Najib came into power after a brokered transition which allowed PM Najib to move into office and Pak Lah to ride into the sunset a happy and prosperous man. He (Pak Lah) was able to say patronisingly- the man I chose has done well. History will judge this to be a misstatement. The UMNO warlords, scared out of their wits, chose Najib over Pak Lah. What Pak Lah is saying so that he won't miss out on the euphoria- indeed Najib is a better PM than he can ever be.

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  1. Check out how another 'case' has been covered up.

    1st story -

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    By his own admission, the CPO says that he and his wife enjoyed a fare usually offered to airline staff.

    (Reminds you of a former Selangor MB's Disneyland trip).

    How could staff rebate be offered to a civil servant?

    Anyone wants to clarify?